Leah Spurrier

being surrounded by stunning beauty. trust. road-trips. dim sum. digging in the dirt. competence. the mountains and the desert. limes and grapefruit. music in my car. spanish wines. my incredible husband. the gift of absolute quiet. accountability. elaborateness. smart people. New Mexico sunsets. my dressing room. storytelling. self-made people. the middle of nowhere. having fun. creatively synergistic relationships. ridiculousness.

arrangement of objects in all contexts. friendship. writing. vision. verve. making manifest. multitasking. advice. music. levity. self-evaluation. a good eye for spotting gems.

Ludwig Van Beethoven. Led Zeppelin. Fran Lebowitz. Frida Kahlo. Carl Sagan. Martin Baas. Luna. Thomas Berry. The Dandy Warhols. New Zealand. Tom Ford. Terrence Malik. George Carlin. Jay-Z. Elle Decor UK. Martin Luther King Jr. Scarlett O'Hara. Pride & Prejudice. Atom Egoyan. Joni Mitchell. Georgia O'Keefe. Vieques, Puerto Rico. Ira Glass. Amy Sedaris.

mediocrity. bad smells. tedium. lack of accountability. jealousy. irritating sounds of any kind. political correctness. cowardice. poor lighting. people who take themselves too seriously. being touched the back of my knee.

My mother was an actual, factual Haight-Ashbury hippie.